There is something very special about a charm bracelet, particularly when the charms are antique!

Charm bracelets are so incredibly personal as they can be a perfect record of your life. Buying a charm or being gifted one that has real meaning to you at a certain point in your life is a beautiful memory and one that no-one else will have in that combination.

Charms were always believed to ward off evil and bring good luck to the wearer. The earliest ones date back to the Stone Age and were made of shell and bone, developing through the ages into precious metals and stones.

Good old Queen Victoria brought them back into fashion as a piece of decorative jewellery rather than as protection or a talisman, featuring decadent gemstones and even included lockets with hair on her own bracelet. She also gave charms as gifts.

There are charms for every occasion, hobby and milestone. Some of the 9ct gold charms we currently have in our shop include a mini Houses of Parliament, Coventry Cathedral, a London bus, horseshoe, wheelbarrow, horse, 21 key, St Christopher, hedgehog, a bible…the list goes on! Our customers love how quirky some of the charms are which makes for a really unique gift for birthdays, Christenings, Christmas or any significant life event.

The wonderful thing about charms is that you needn’t be restricted to wearing them on a bracelet! Charms can look equally as impressive worn as pendant to give a contemporary look.

Although a charm bracelet tells a personal story, it can also make a wonderful heirloom for your children and grandchildren to add to.

Originally published in the Purbeck Gazette 27th November 2023