Emerald is the birthstone for May and is sometimes known as the ‘Jewel of Kings’. It is said to represent truth, unconditional love, good luck and can bring abundance into your life.

Spiritually, the emerald is considered to be a life-affirming stone by opening the heart chakra and calming the emotions.  heart chakra and calms the emotions.

This vibrant gemstone was first discovered over 4000 years ago and was adored by the ancient Egyptians for its mystical powers. Apparently, the Romans considered the emerald so powerful that they would stare into one to relieve stress and eye strain! Cleopatra herself was a huge fan

This might not be as far-fetched as it sounds because the inclusions in an emerald can create the most beautiful pattern, known as the emerald’s jardin (garden). These can actually increase the value of the stone significantly and make the emerald a preferable and more affordable choice compared to a diamond. Because the carat of an emerald is measured by weight, a 1ct emerald would be larger than a 1ct diamond.

Emeralds are relatively rare and are always a different hue of green, ranging from a yellow-green to deep jade, but beware! The palest stones are not actually emeralds, but rather known as green beryl. If you find an emerald that is very pale, it may not be an emerald at all and could be a green beryl.

Although the emerald might be considered a more traditional choice, recent research has shown that it is becoming popular with those looking for an alternative engagement ring, as well as featuring in some stunning contemporary jewellery designs in a range of metals and settings.


Article originally published in the Purbeck Gazette 5th May 2023