Here at Heirlooms, we recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond the usual legal and statutory requirements of a business.

We remain committed to reducing our impact on the environment and thought you may be interested in the measures we take to ensure we continue to do that.

•   Our carrier bags are made from 100% reuseable and recyclable paper or cardboard
•   The laminate on our gift bags is biodegradable, as are our gift bags themselves
•   We recycle 100% of our waste, including the plastic resealable bags used by our suppliers
•   We limit the amount of single use paper products we use
•   Our jewellery boxes are made from recycled cardboard
•   The leather gift boxes are British, made from wood and recyclable card so they are built to last
•   All the envelopes we use for posting mail or jewellery are recycled from mail we have already received
•   All but one of our jewellery suppliers are British which means we are reducing emissions in the way the products are    transported to us
•   We use recycled metals in our jewellery repairs where possible and appropriate
•   We recycle all of our watch and clock batteries
•   We limit the use of chemical based jewellery and household cleaning products, switching to more environmentally sustainable products instead.
•   Every one of the workshops we use – watch, clock and goldsmith – are within a 20- mile radius of our shop in Wareham
•   We have replaced all the light bulbs in the shop to the energy efficient type
•   The furniture in our office and shop is all antique or secondhand including our jewellery display cabinets and office desks.
•   Our jewellery display stands in the window and cabinets are all secondhand and have been recovered to give them a fresh look.

And finally, what could be more environmentally-friendly than a piece of antique jewellery?
Not only is an antique piece a lovely gift for someone but it’s the ultimate in recycling! It’s something that can be kept and that can be passed down through the generations. It’s not a fad that will eventually be thrown away. It’s something that you know is going to last, grow in value and still be here in a hundred years time. And that has to be good for the environment!