I love checking out the jewellery trends for the coming year and seeing how antique jewellery can be brought into the modern day in a stylish and fashionable way! 2024 is going to be the year of Animals, Links, Cuffs and Flowers.


The Georgians and Victorians loved using animal symbols in their jewellery favouring snakes, butterflies, dogs and insects as there was a real focus on nature. The beautiful enamel Lalique of the Art Noveau period also lent itself perfectly to the creation of insect-based pieces featuring mother of pearl and other gemstones.


Heavy open chain links will be on trend this year but did you know that the first chain necklace was discovered in 2500BC? Of course, the 1970s made the larger, chunky link chain very popular – think Cuban influences in gold and silver!


Like chains, cuff bangles have been worn for thousands of years using materials such as leather, metal, and engraved or set with gemstones. The Victorians would design a cuff in silver and tip it with gold, with the design featured in gold too.

The difference between a lot of modern and antique bangles are that the antique versions usually fit closer to the skin rather than rotate. The fashion in 2024 is to have to the closer fitting version, either on the wrist or upper arm.


Floral designs, usually quite intricate and in the form of a bouquet or floral basket, were very popular in the 17th & 18th centuries as brooches, pendants and rings. The Art Noveau and Art Deco periods also favoured flowers in a more abstract way rather than realistic.

Whether wearing contemporary or antique, I hope you enjoy wearing fabulous jewellery in 2024!

Originally published in the Purbeck Gazette 8 January 2024