We believe that your experience of buying a piece of jewellery should be as special as the occasions you wear it. We will commit the time to you, one-to-one when visiting the shop, to talk to you about the piece, allow you to try it on and discuss the various options available to you.

Every item in the shop and displayed online is carefully selected and condition checked by the owner, Amy Brenan. We try only to sell antique, vintage or second hand items in their original condition and where there is an element of damage or major alteration, we declare this to the purchaser. Everything we sell is in ‘ready-to-wear’ condition.

We do not sell any synthetic gemstones or gemstones that have been artificially treated beyond what is routinely acceptable. For example, HPHT diamonds, lasered and filled diamonds and glass filled rubies.

However, sapphires and rubies are commonly heat treated and emeralds are commonly oiled. These are considered acceptable treatments within the jewellery industry and therefore it should be assumed that unless stated to the contrary, any coloured stone sold by us may have been subject to these treatments.