New Jewellery

Why not update your jewellery collection by treating yourself to some contemporary jewellery pieces? We class this collection as our modern jewellery ‘shop’. This new collection consists of an array of contemporary rose, yellow and white gold, silver and rolled gold jewellery, with a variety of precious stones including pearl, diamonds, ruby, sapphire, opal and more. We also supply beautiful enamelled jewellery so if purple or blue jewellery is to your taste for example,, we have lots jewellery which combines both beautiful vitreous enamelled colours with amethysts and sapphires. Each piece of our modern jewellery range has been crafted by skilled individuals who focus on the tiniest details so that this range complements our antique jewellery very well. The majority of our new jewellery is sourced from UK based companies or small scale artisan jewellers. For example, almost all of our contemporary silver jewellery is handmade in the UK by a small workshop. This means we can alter and adapt designs to suit the customer to really create something bespoke.

Every piece in our modern jewellery collection that you see online is as beautiful as the next and is made with care and precision. So what are you waiting for? Grab your modern piece of jewellery today; whether you like silver, ruby, emerald or diamond, silver or rose gold, we have something for you.