Silver & Objet D’Art

We believe that every precious piece of jewellery or trinket that we have should be considered a piece of art and as you can see from our Silver and Objets d’Art collection, each piece has been beautifully crafted making it exactly this- a piece of art in its own right.

In our Objet D’art collection, we have silver trinket boxes perfect for a christening gift,, vinaigrettes, cocktail stirrers, matchboxes and vesta cases made from silver to add an artistic touch to your home. Items like our 1930-1940’s silver and enamel compact case will remind you of the glamour of the past but are still entirely functional today.

You can see the dedicated craftsmanship that must have gone into each of the trinkets that we have for sale. The precise details and creative designs are a small indication of how much time must have been spent on each piece.