Vintage & Secondhand Jewellery - Post-1930

This collection focuses on vintage jewellery that is pre-owned dating from the 1930’s and later. Each piece of our vintage jewellery has a story to tell, but their story isn’t over just yet. You can bring a new lease of life to each piece. We think these pieces are ideal if you are looking for vintage wedding jewellery. The old adage ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ is a perfect fit for vintage and pre-owned jewellery.

The best thing about vintage style jewellery is that it has its individual style that you might not see in shops today. You might not even be able to find second-hand jewellery like this anywhere else online. Every piece has been well cared for and has its own unique vintage style. Though of our pieces date back to the 1930s, but the quality of each piece remains.

Take a look through our second-hand jewellery collection that we have for sale online today. You never know, you could find something that reminds you of a special piece your mum, grandmother or something that even your great-grandparents wore. Find your piece of vintage jewellery online today, and incorporate it into your style tomorrow.