Heirlooms of Wareham specialises in historic jewellery that tells a story, pieces that bring back fond memories and those that carry with them a wealth of knowledge from the past.

Our charm collection is the perfect way to build up your very own heirloom. Over generations, charms were often bought for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries and added to a simple bracelet creating a piece of jewellery that represents a lifetime.

Each charm within our collection allows you to tell your own story. We have a hand-selected range of 9ct yellow gold and silver charms, each one of which celebrates a different snippet of post 1930’s life. As well as the traditional charms popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s such as the boxed one pound note, the church and the stork, we have also received some rarer examples. These include a fully working miniature fruit machine charm, a charm of Coventry cathedral and an original 1960’s mini car charm with spinning wheels.

Charms such as these make cherished vintage wedding or Christening gifts.