There’s no doubt that collecting antique jewellery is a wise investment. But it is actually great fun too! If you love jewellery, it can become a fascinating hobby as you research, source and get to wear some fabulous pieces from the past.

But where to start?

Which era? Is there a particular style that has always caught your imagination?  For instance, Art Deco or maybe Victorian or Georgian jewellery appeals to you. Or maybe one type of piece like bracelets, rings or earrings. Sticking to one type makes it easier to source and collect.

How much? Have an idea in mind of how much you are prepared to spend on each piece so you don’t get carried away! But, more importantly, if you know roughly how much a specific item from the era you are considering is worth, you will know whether the price is realistic.

Where to Buy? Always find a dealer with a good reputation – someone who really knows their stuff and can give you detailed provenance about the piece you are thinking about buying. Take a look at their website to see what people are saying about them. They can also source pieces for you.

Storage. Make sure you are storing your jewellery in the correct way to protect their condition and value. They need to be away from sunlight and moisture so it is worth investing in an appropriate case and don’t forget to ensure your new investments are covered by your Contents Insurance. Regular, gentle cleaning is also recommended.

Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy your jewellery collection journey!

Originally published in the Purbeck Gazette 5th February 2024