The sapphire is one of the most recognisable gemstones and is the birthstone for September, representing truth and faithfulness. This may also be why it is the stone associated with a 45th Anniversary!

Sapphires were worn as far back as Greek times but the classic naturally grown sapphire became more common in late 19th & early 20th centuries originating from India.

It is a gemstone associated with royalty, much like the ruby, and we all remember the stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring that the then Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, which is now worn by the current Princess of Wales.

Even as far back as the 14th & 15th centuries, sapphires (along with diamonds, emeralds and rubies) were set in engagement rings, which were becoming more common with nobility during that time.

We’re more familiar with the traditional, deep rich blue of this incredible stone but it comes in a rainbow of colours – white (which as you might imagine is colourless), pink, orange, green, purple, brown and even black, which is incredibly rare.

One of the most famous and largest sapphires in the world is the Star of India. Weighing 563.35 carats, it is even more amazing because it has naturally occurred ‘stars’ on each side. As you would imagine, it is kept safe in the American Museum of Natural History in New York – although it was stolen in 1964 and then retrieved!

Another of the largest stones in the world is the Queen of Asia which was discovered by a team of workmen digging a well in Sri Lanka, weighing in at a whopping 310kg and is said to be worth over $100,000 million.

Whatever the size and the value, the sapphire is one very special gemstone!