Secondhand, Vintage and Antique jewellery is imbued with a magic that many modern pieces simply cannot conjure. Antique jewellery specialist and owner of Heirlooms, Amy Brenan, gives her opinions on why antique is a winner for everyone:

 Value for Money

Just like a new car, a modern piece of jewellery will depreciate in value before it turns into a investment. When buying an antique piece, someone else has already ‘paid’ for the depreciation and with most retailers of antique jewellery opting to be part of a tax Margin Scheme, the purchaser will not be paying the standard VAT rate of 20%. Antique, Vintage and Secondhand jewellery is therefore much more affordable to buy making it a wise long term investment – an investment that can be worn and enjoyed!

Craftsmanship, Quality and Ethics

Most antique jewellery on offer pre-dates the use of heavy machinery to design, cast and set mounts and stones. Workshops of yesteryear worked with simple tools, plain eye sight and a skilled and creative mind to make something incredible. Settings are often heavier and claws often more delicate, with the craftsman adapting designs by hand to fit the characteristics of the gemstones to be set, rather than simply using a prefabricated setting. Antique gemstones also have the benefit of pre-dating many of the commonly encountered treatments that are applied to gemstones to enhance their colour and clarity, for example, lazer-drilled diamonds, glass filled rubies and the many synthetic lab-grown gem stones of today. When you buy antique, you are also actively recycling and not contributing to the over-mining of land to harvest precious metals and gemstones.


Jewellery is incredibly personal and there will always be an intriguing story behind each Antique, Vintage or Secondhand piece. Who wore it? On what occasion was it given? Was the owner happy or sad to have the piece? Did they wear it for social reasons to show their wealth, social or political status?  The way we wear and interact with jewellery has changed dramatically over the centuries but the appeal of owning and wearing a precious talisman always remains the same. If you are looking to make an investment for the future, what better way to do this then to buy something from the past that has already proved it’s longevity?